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How might we help amateur podcasters increase engagement with listeners? Commute is a service designed to help podcasters increase engagement with listeners. 
The Research Method
The research methodology
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I conducted 14 interviews of French and Irish podcasters on Zoom and on Skype. In addition, I conducted
2 online surveys on the French and on the Irish market. 20 Irish listeners and 10 French listeners have answered.

Insights from Experience Prototyping
I have set up 6 online workshops to co-create the experience of an engaging podcast: one brainstorming, 4 roleplays, one cocreation workshop. Prototyping the experience has enabled me to identify impediments and obstacles to the project of enabling cocreation.
The Podcasters' Perspective
Insights from experience prototyping
The Listeners' Perspective
Insights from experience prototyping
Thus, this project aims at: 
1⃣ creating or preserving an active listening experience 2⃣ encouraging the podcaster to take the listener into account when he or she creates a podcast by giving them engagement metrics. The consequence: the raising of the visibility of the podcast.
Personas: The Podcaster's Perspective
Persona The Amateur podcaster
The target audience of the website are amateur podcasters, not professional podcasters whose needs differ radically.
Personas: The Listeners' Perspective
Persona The Engaged Podcaster
Persona The Averagely Engaged Listener
Persona The UnEngaged Listener
User Journey
The user journey
The challenge is that when one launches an experience on Alexa or Google Home, the product is invisible.
There is a need for illustrative storyboarding so as to anchor on the outcome that one is going for as a designer. Even if voice is invisible, the interaction between listeners and the device is not.

User Task Flows
User Task Flow
User Flows
User Flow
Usability Testing
usability testing
Artboard Homepage
I designed the prototype on Figma.
The Voice Experience
User Testing
User testing dialogue flow
I conducted a test in person so that I could catch different expressions and impressions. ​​​​​​​
Conversation Flow
conversation flow
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